Zorn AT 3000 GPS Light Weight Deflectometer for Asphalt Testing

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US Patent pending 13,851,578
German Patent DE 10 2013 004 650.5

The Zorn AT 3000 GPS Asphalt Light Weight Deflectometer uses a 10 kg drop weight with 20, 30, or 50 mm stamp plates for testing FRESHLY paved roads and EXISTING asphalt pavements. The Zorn AT 3000 GPS also includes integrated temperature data collection into the electronics box at the time of the test. GPS and Printer are also integrated into the electronics box. Software is included to analyze test results and produce test reports.

This Light Weight Deflectometer for Asphalt is designed to help determine the factors that would allow for opening a freshly paved road within minutes. The Zorn AT 3000 GPS can be used to test every individual layer between roller operations: Wearing course, binder course and sub-surface layers can be tested with every roller pass. The equipment complements existing control methods, such as laboratory dynamic bending and tension tests or density control with hazardous nuclear gauges.

The Zorn AT 3000 GPS Asphalt Tester includes:

300 mm loading plate
Deflection measuring (recording) printer
Power supply unit
Carrying Case
10 kg drop weight
Software (for Windows 95 onwards)
Car battery recharge cable
SD card for data transfer to PC
Print out from SD card
GPS Integrated

Technical Data

Drop weight – 10 kg
Drop height – 50 cm
Force – 10.6 kN
Pulse Time – 17 ms
Stamp Size – 20, 30 or 50 mm


Asphalt Tester Brochure – ZORN AT 3000 GPS



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