MIT-DOWEL-SCAN Dowel Bar Scanner

We proudly introduce MIT-DOWEL-SCAN the latest development in Non-Destructive determination of dowel and tie bar positions in plain concrete. The MIT-DOWEL-SCAN is a totally new device allowing the operator to measure and evaluate pavement joints in real-time without using a rail system. The device makes use of the magnetic properties of the dowel bar by recording its returned magnetic field via sensors.
• Without a rail system the MIT-DOWEL-SCAN completes testing quicker than the previous SCAN2-BT system.
• The entire unit is provided in a single transport case making it easier to move than the previous system.
• The new MIT-DOWEL-SCAN has 10 sensors and a laser to guide the unit along the joint with great accuracy & repeatability.
• Single person operation with a removable data collector that attaches to the scanning device.
• Easier transfer of field data to MagnoProof 6 with USB port on the data collector

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MIT-DOWEL-SCAN Dowel Bar Scanner

The measurement method is used for Quality Control self-monitoring and Quality Assurance for acceptance during construction.

Details are shown in German Standard ZTV Beton-StB 07, ASTM E3013/E3013M MIT-DOWEL-SCAN technology is required by many state DOT’s when dowel bar insertion is used.

Measurement and evaluation of dowel bar positions in a joint takes less than a minute. Dowel embedment depths, misalignments & translations are determined precisely. Can evaluate new and existing joints. Also basket joints can be evaluated if the shipping wires are cut.

Applications Include:

• Quality Control by Contractors for checking their installation process
• Highway construction of plain concrete pavements
• Quality Assurance by Owners for accepting completed facilities
• Plain Concrete runways, taxiways & ramps at airports
• Concrete Sea Container storage & staging areas in Port Facilities
• Forensic Investigations of failing joints in existing pavements

Features & Benefits are:

Rapid & efficient
• Comfortable new handling configuration
• Fast & easy assembly & disassembly for transport
• Clearly arranged display panel for easy operation
• Intuitive measuring procedure
• Calculation of dowel bar positions immediately after the measurement
• Measurement of a joint across several lanes within one minute up to 45 feet.
• Batch evaluation of a large number of joints per day
• Increase quality
• Reduce costs
• Efficient measurement method with high daily output
• In-process paving adjustments of the DBI
• Automatic evaluation of data
• Signal recording by simply moving the device over the concrete pavement
• No concrete cores are required for calibration
• Accurate measurement of dowel and tie bar positions in concrete
• Precise determination of dowel embedment depths, alignments, & translations
• Objective & repeatable
• Horizontal curves, super-elevations or cross slopes do not affect the device
• Can be used before and immediately after the cutting of the joint
• Wet pavement has no affect on the test results
• Measure as soon as a person can walk on the concrete
• Free of emissions
• Safe to humans, nature and environment


The indicated tolerance values apply within the valid range dowel or tie bar installation tolerances and in the absence of influence from foreign objects.
Repeatability 4 mm
Path measurement in direction of joint 3 mm ± 0.3%
Absolute depth 4 mm
Side shift 8 mm
Horizontal skew 4 mm
Vertical tilt 4 mm

Operating & Storage Parameters

Battery Operation time approx. 8 h
Battery Charging time approx. 4 h
Operation temperature -5 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to 50 °C

System Dimensions & Weights

Device Dimensions 45-5/8 inches x 29-1/8 inches x 6-3/4 inches
Device Weight 55.1 lbs.
Transport Case Dimensions 54-3/8 inches x 35-1/2 inches x 12-5/8 inches
Gross system weight 143.3 lbs.

System Scope

MIT-DOWEL-SCAN is delivered as a complete system ready to use. The measuring vehicle is equipped with an operating unit, a laser unit, software package MagnoProof 6, manuals and a solid case. Calibrations are additional and sold per dowel & tie bar sizes. Training is available upon request.

Our new MIT-MagnoProof 6 analysis software is part of the delivery of MIT-DOWEL-SCAN. The main function is the evaluation of measurement data at the desktop PC. MIT-MagnoProof 6 functions at a glance:

  • Simple data transfer to a desktop PC via USB
  • Effective data organization
  • Convenient correction of erroneous data
  • Easy check of interferences
  • Automatic evaluation of dowel bar positions
  • Clearly arranged data tables
  • Reports as MS-Excel- and PDF-files
  • Statistics
  • NEW: automatic evaluation of dowel bars inserted on baskets


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