MIT-SCAN2-BT Dowel Bar Scanner

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MIT-SCAN2-BT Dowel Bar Scanner

Dowel Bar Scanner system for the non-destructive and accurate measurement of dowel positions in concrete pavements

Quickly determine the quality of concrete pavement joints by using the MIT SCAN2-BT Dowel Bar Scanner. Perform the test as soon as you can walk on the concrete thus providing real time process information to the paving operation. Extremely precise & accurate in determining dowel bar positions for depth, alignment & translations.

Meets ASTM E3013. It is required by most State DOT specifications when a Dowel Bar Inserter is used. It is used with  dowel bar baskets when the shipping wires are cut. Software provides an MS-Excel spreadsheet with an embedded map showing dowel bar layout in horizontal and side views.

Customers include Contractors & Consultants performing Quality Control functions during pavement installation. State DOT and other owners use it for Quality Assurance  and acceptance of the facility. It can be used on existing highways for Forensic Investigations of failing pavement joints.

Joints in concrete pavements are exposed to stresses and strains due to traffic and temperature variation. Steel dowel bars and tie bars are built into joints, to support the transfer of loads across the joints and to maintain the elevation of adjacent slabs at the joints. The type and the number of dowels and tie bars as well as their accurate positions and tolerable displacements are accurately determined, to ensure the long-term performance of the joints.

The MIT-SCAN2-BT Dowel Bar Scanner consists of a compact rail-guided measuring device, an easily assembled GRP (robust glass fiber reinforced plastic) rail system and a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC communicates with the measuring device via a Bluetooth connection.


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