IGT Light Weight 5 LB Gas DCP


The Institute of Gas-Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (IGT-DCP)verifies compaction at any level during backfill. It’s easy to operate and can achieve consistent results in less than one minute. This product meets city and county requirements and it meets ASTM D7380 requirements.


The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer was developed by the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) over a period of two years of extensive research and field testing. It meets ASTM D7380 requirements. Experiments were designed to test the reliability of the DCP against all current methods of compaction verification used by utilities. Field procedures using the DCP method have consistently provided the users with reliable information on an indication of the density of their backfills. Many utility companies have standardized with the DCP Method because of its reliability, simplicity and cost effectiveness. Several major utility companies have reported that their bell hole failure rate has decreased by as much as 75%. One major gas company reports annual savings of nearly 1 million dollars, attributed to using the DCP Method.

The DCP is a rugged and dependable tool designed for harsh field applicaitons. It is so inexpensive that every crew can afford to have one. Join the many utility companies that use this DCP and find it to be a more effective way to solve the old problem of under compaction of trench backfill material. Included with this DCP kit is the unit itself, a foam-cushioned carrying case, and two cones.

For additional information on the Kessler Gas DCP (K IGT) please click on the link below:

Kessler Institute for Gas Technology DCP

To purchase a copy of the ASTM D7380 standard, please click on the following link: https://secure7.astm.org/STORE/review-order.html

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 14 × 5 in


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