K800 Cone Adapter for use with K100 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Kits


The hardened cone adapter (with flats for tightening) is used for soil of high shear strength; it is attached to the end of the Drive Rod that is driven into soil. A disposable cone is mounted on the adapter and held in place by a rubber ‘o’ ring. Includes one (1) disposable cone adapter. (Disposable Cones-Product #4218.900 sold separately.)

NSN #6635-01-450-9768 for DCP

NSN #6635-01-587-4667 for Cone Adapter – K800


K800 Cone Adapter

The hardened cone adapter is used in soil with high shear strength. It attaches to the end of the Drive Rod to hold the K900 Disposable Cones in place during the test. The disposable cone easily pops off and stays behind while the drive rod is safely extracted from the test hole.

Application Note:

It is important to wrench tighten the cone adapter to the drive rod using the wrench flats provided. This prevents stripping of the threads during test by hammer impact force. Pliers or just hand tightening does not get enough contact to transfer the hammer blows through the shoulders on the drive rod and cone adapter.

Benefits of using the K800 Cone adapter with K900 Disposable Cones

  1. Use K800 Cone Adapters with K900 Disposable Cones. It helps prevent bending of the drive rods during extraction
  2. They allow easier extraction of the drive rod reducing operator fatigue
  3. Quicker extraction of the drive rod increases testing productivity. Complete more tests in a shorter period of time.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × .5 × .5 in


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