MicroLance Moisture Meter

Fast, Quick & Accurate Results

The Hydramotion MicroLance Moisture Meter is revolutionary, easy to operate and gives accurate on-site temperature and moisture readings of materials by insertion. Measure spot samples and heap averages

It is a revolutionary product from Hydramotion and it measures the in-situ moisture without disturbing the sample. Hydramotion’s MicroLance Moisture Probe is ideal for collecting multiple samples from aggregate stockpiles. Self- calibrating to the user’s specific materials and has an averaging function to provide an overall stockpile value.

Works in Stockpiles

The Moisture Probe is unique in that it allows the user to collect results up to 1 meter in depth into the stockpiles. This device is perfect for Concrete and Hot Mix Asphalt Batch Plant operations. Plus it can also be used in quarry and aggregate production facilities.

Measure moisture in Recycled Asphalt (RAP)

In addition, it measures moisture in Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) prior to placement.