ANIX AX-01a Plate Load Tester for Static & EV2 Testing

The purpose of the Plate Bearing Tester AX 01a is to determine load-settlement curves of soils and sub-bases. The obtained load-settlement curves enable the user to evaluate deform-ability and load-bearing capacity.

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Complete Plate Load Tester System

Plate Load Tester

The ANIX static plate load tester is a complete system that automatically guides the user through various loading steps. The electronics box prompts the user to the correct loading. Captures duration and deflection. No reading of dial gauges avoids field errors! On-board printer provides results in the field. SD card makes for easy transfer of test results to the PC software worksheet that produces reports. Determine Bearing capacities, Modulus values Ev1 & Ev2. Also can determine modulus of subgrade reaction “k” values!

Modulus of subgrade reaction

Supports ASTM 1195 & 1196

Electrical parameters:
Load cell measuring range 0-100 kN
Displacement transducer
measuring range
1:-1 – +2,5 mm, -12,5mm
1: 2 – -2,5 mm, +27,5mm
Voltage supply Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery 4.8 V 3.8 Ah, charging
time2 h, 12-V power pack (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz), 12-V/24-V
car power cable
Printer Thermo-printer,
Paper width 58 mm, roller diameter 60 mm
Memory card SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card for approx. 200
Operating temperature
Lager temperature
Air humidity
0 °C – +38 °C
-5 °C – +45 °C, observe battery charge!
20 % – 70 % RH, non-condensing

Mechanical parameters:
Measuring bridge Length: 1139-2300 mm
Width: 352 mm
Height: approx. 300 mm
Hydraulic system Load: min. 100 kN, hand pump
Pump stroke: min. 150 mm
Pressure gauge 0 – 390 bar, 0 – 0.8 MN/m²
Loading plate Steel, Ø300 mm x 25 mm

Software Worksheet Example

Software Worksheet Example

Electronics Box guides user & collects data. Includes printer!

Field Print-Out Example


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