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SAPPER – Automatic DCP

Field Soil Testing MEETS ASTM D6951

Introducing our 3rd generation SAPPER Automatic DCP. It is the best one yet. We completely redesigned the mechanical and electrical system as well as written new software that allows the customer to operate the device from their laptop or tablet.

The software supports touch screen computers with Windows 7, 8 & 10 operating systems.

Here is a list of the improvements:

  1. Now with WiFi and a Microsoft Surface tablet with software.
  2. New software that runs on a laptop or tablet and supports touch screen interfaces. It provides for observing the data collection and CBR chart real time as the test is being performed. This eliminates the transferring of data and results from a keypad controller.
  3. Now the device is modular where changing the derrick beam will allow for longer drive rods. We offer the SAPPER Automated DCP in two models. Our G model comes standard with a 48 inch extra strong drive rod; and our M model comes standard with a 60 inch extra strong drive rod.
  4. Customized mounting brackets are available. From a simple trailer hitch mount that slides into a class 3 hitch found on most pick-up trucks and SUVs; to a system that works in tandem with a concrete core drilling truck that allows for testing through a core bore in airport runways without moving the vehicle. Mountings are available for ATVs also.
  5. Made the internals accessible with a removable front cover allowing easy maintenance and repair of the device.
  6. Also replaced the screw drive with a chain drive to lift the hammer for improved durability. In addition, movement along the derrick beam is done with gears that rotate along the beam flange as the test is underway. This has reduced the noise and improved reliability.
  7. Eliminated wiring connection points and made all of the internal wires home runs to the motor control board which is isolated via rubber grommets.
  8. Included yellow strobe light.


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