Zorn Laboratory Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

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Introducing the Zorn Laboratory Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

Zorn introduces the Laboratory Light Weight Deflectometer in support of the FHWA Transportation Pooled Funding Research Project TPF-5 (285) results that developed a draft AASHTO Standard Test Method to determine Target Acceptance Modulus values from Proctor Mold samples. Best of all with one of these devices in your lab it frees up the full size light weight deflectometers to stay in the field.

The new features included:

  1. Smaller 5kg Drop Weight & Lighter 150mm diameter Base Plate
  2. Same ground pressure as the 10kg & 300mm Field LWD devices
  3. Includes Retainer Ring to center base plate on 6-inch Proctor Molds
  4. Also the Ergonomic Handheld Data Collector with SD Card
  5. Includes 6-inch Proctor Mold.

And the new device test works the same as the larger Field LWDs. 3 drops to obtain Modulus values.

The Zorn Laboratory LWD benefits are:

  1. Easier to move. Smaller to store. Just as fast & reliable as the Field LWDs
  2. Retaining Ring prevents the base from hitting Proctor Mold edge during the test
  3. Use the Results with any Zorn Lightweight Deflectometer to Accept compaction
  4. Resulting target Modulus is used in the field immediately

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Maryland SHA has just completed a research project FHWA Transportation Pooled Funding Study TPF 5-285 titled “Standardizing Lightweight Deflectometer Modulus Measurements for Compaction Quality Assurance.”  Its final report and two-page summary have been posted on the Research Division’s website.


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