Zorn ZFG 3.1 Light Weight Deflectometer for Soils Testing (without GPS)

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NEW LOWER PRICE – Still the Lowest Priced LWD in North America

Application ASTM E2835-11

The Zorn ZFG 3.1 is a dynamic plate bearing test system for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection & modulus) of subgrade/subsoils and unbound base layers. It is highly portable and easily carried around a construction site. The Zorn ZFG 3.1 provides a simple, cost effective answer to time consuming and expensive static plate load tests. The optional printer gives hard copy results in the field.

The Zorn ZFG 3.1 Light Weight Deflectometer includes:

  • 300 mm loading plate
  • Data Collector calculates & saves deflection measurements & calculates dynamic Modulus
  • Power supply unit
  • 10 kg drop weight
  • PC Software for report writing
  • Print out from SD card with optional printer
  • SD card for data transfer to PC
  • Hand held instrument control
  • Aluminum case comes with optional printer

Maryland SHA has just completed a research project FHWA Transportation Pooled Funding Study TPF 5-285 titled “Standardizing Lightweight Deflectometer Modulus Measurements for Compaction Quality Assurance.”  Its final report and two-page summary have been posted on the Research Division’s website.


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