Zorn ZFG 3000 GPS Light Weight Deflectometer for Soils Compaction Testing

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Zorn ZFG 3000 Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

Meets ASTM E2835-11

The Zorn ZFG 3000 GPS is a Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) based on dynamic plate bearing testing systems for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection & Modulus) of subgrade/soils and unbound base layers.

The ZFG 3000 GPS is rugged. They are built specifically for the construction environment to perform QA/QC testing for compacted materials. The LWD is highly portable. It is easily carried around the construction site. The Zorn ZFG 3000 GPS provides a simple, cost effective answer to time consuming and expensive dynamic plate load tests. The recorder/printer device gives hard copy results in the field. The integrated GPS has Latitude/Longitude or UTM formatted coordinates.

KSE services & supports everything we sell!

KSE Testing is the only North American calibration stand for German Light Weight Deflectometers. In addition, we are an authorized full service repair station for Zorn equipment. So your device will never be shipped back to Germany avoiding lost down time & additional costs for the users. We provide training & demonstrations upon request.

Zorn ZFG 3000 GPS Light Weight Deflectometer for Soils Testing (with GPS)

The Zorn ZFG 3000 GPS Light Weight Deflectometer includes:           


  • 300mm diameter Loading Base Plate
  • Data Collector measures Deflection & calculates Modulus
  • During the test, the GPS coordinates are captured from the available satellites
  • A map & pictures can be shown in the PC Software report
  • Power Supply unit
  • Carrying Case
  • A 10 kg calibrated drop weight
  • PC Software for report writing includes map location and ability to insert pictures
  • Car battery recharging cable
  • Print out the results from integrated printer in the Data Collector
  • Including SD card for data transfer to PC

Easy & Fast 5 Step Test Procedure:

1. Position Loading Base Plate on the material

2. Then set the calibrated Falling Weight with the guide rod upon the base plate

3. Next, switch on Electronics Box

4. Perform the Measurement test of 3 seating drops followed by 3 test drops

5. The Test Results are immediately shown & saved plus print out a hard copy

Maryland SHA has just completed a research project FHWA Transportation Pooled Funding Study TPF 5-285 titled “Standardizing Lightweight Deflectometer Modulus Measurements for Compaction Quality Assurance.”  Its final report and two-page summary have been posted on the Research Division’s website.


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